Plaza de Mayo

The historical country’s birthplace, where you find the Government House, the National Cathedral, the former City Hall, and many other important buildings.

Recoleta Cemetery

Contains the graves of presidents, Nobel Prize winners, and many other notable people of Argentina


The largest neighborhood in town, full of entertainment, that offers boundless cafe, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, parks, museums, and shops.

Street Art

Fascinating hipster itineraries, including large pieces by world-class artists, abstract works and tributes to famous people.


This city is the cradle of this dance, which is very significant to the culture of the country.


Incredible passion for this sport, during a match it is normal to see drums, flares, people singing all game long, and giant banners and flags.

San Antonio de Areco

The traditional gaucho town


The Argentine national sport


The delta area

EZE Airport

The international airport, located in Ezeiza. It is also possible to fly to important domestic destinations (Iguazu, Calafate, Bariloche, Mendoza).

AEP airport

The domestic airport located in the north of Buenos Aires, next to the Rio de la Plata. It is also possible to fly to bordering countries (Uruguay, Brazil, Chile).

Cruise Terminal

Located in the brand new area Puerto Norte, next to Retiro neighborhood, the Benito Quinquela Martin is the terminal for all the international cruiseships.


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